Too much of a good thing

hell i want a vampire!

i think i should try to blog more,
because so many new things happend...
i can't get that mass!
well first things first.
the loong weekend was very great.
the hardest and best day was monday.
first i had a tour on bikes with marianna,judith,johanna and jana
we drove a looong way and finally got to my favourite playground of my very young youth.
we rested there, and made a big picknick.
god we had sooo much food...
very delicious things.
the sun was wonderfull.
we ate, and ate and lied in the sun, walked around and we even tested the slide and swings.
judith, marianna an me had the most fun on a thing i would call cablecar.
it is a seat fixed on a line. you carry the seat up on a little hill, jump on the seat and drive down to the end of the line.
the harder you jump on, the faster you'll end up.
i love this thing, so do marianna and judith.
so i caught the seat, ran on the hill and swang on the seat.
well nothing bad about that, buut this thing is built for kids.
and i have more weight than a kid! so i drove down the hill and just before i hit the end of the line, my bottom ended up in the sand.
i got an enourmous laughkick!
mariannan and judith were the same.
it was so damn funny how we all ended up in the sand^^.
our picknick ended up at half to 4 and we made our way back home.
i was at home at 5 o clock. well my bottom hurted so damn...
buut i had no time for resting, 'cause nightlife was in plan.
so i styled me and drove to marie, we two drove to laura.
there we met some other girls and drunk something.

the nightlife was crouded and the music was ookay.
to say it short, it was a great night but the end was...
whatever. some kisses and a guy thinks you want to make out with him?
huh that was stress the last days...
but nothing to talk about.

now i gonna refer to marianna's last blog post.
I really know what she is talking about^^
everytime i get to know a new band, book or celeb, i get kind of crazy.
i begin to collect pictures, read out watch videos...
and of course i talk about that.
and like marianna, something is in my mind by now.
yeah, panic is a bit away...(bden not, of course xD )

twilight hit me like a bullet.
i haven't read the book yet, only the texts on the book's back.
but, i heard how great this book is like and how romantic.
it is about the love between a girl and a vampire
a book, okay.
where is the next guy who could be my obsession(great said, isn't it?)?
in this case it is Robert Pattinson one of the harry potter actors (he played cedric diggory).

where is the connection between twilight and robert?
he gonna be the main character of twilight in the same named film.
i watched the trailer and i am impressed.
wow what a guy! he looks so adorable and breakable at the same time!
if i could get such a guy i wouldn't care if he was a vampire!
maaan i think i fell in love with this robert pattínson vampire.
rawwr! xD

no to the end of my (again) very long entry.
i think i shouldn't talk sad about my life.
it is like it is and it can only be changed if i feel better and very important if i radiate that feeling.
i gonna work on that from now on.

tomorrow last latin class test oif my life! yeahu.
and mc sex me looked adorable the days this week.
always an eye catcher our mc (;

soo no i finally come to an end.
and this with a saw i created by myself and whom i love:
Life is just like a long walk home with some rocks and dandelions on the street.

god isn't he hot? wohoo what a vamp^^
15.5.08 22:29

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