Too much of a good thing

Where is the time???

maaan where is the timee??
it is already more than two weeks after my last entry i think.
and lots of things happend, crazy but i hadn't thought left fpr my homepage.
however i gonna try to sum up the things in a shorter way.
well my last week was as awesome as i thought.
and another thing made the things even more positive:
the weather. we had good temperatures, t-shirt like.

dancing into the may
was pretty cool with marianna, marie and klara, we danced a lot :D
and now my old question is answered: who are those people who sing in the cityforest like asocial? which people scream along?
well, the answer is: crazy, drunk girls like we were :D
the night ended at my home but marianna and me went more than 7 kilometres in that night.
so we worked off the calories of the day ;D
the final great thing was this handsome guy in the bus in the end.
he sat right in front of me and his knee was right next to mine. they touched a bite and i endured that not because it didn't matter but because the guy was hot :D

saturday night
was kathi's 16th birthday party. man it was a great party at all.
i drunk a lot. okay a bit more but nothing happend so i think a had luck (;
i danced the night and until 4 in the morning.
when the party ended i was too tired to go home, so i slept over there.
things happend there don't have to describe it it was nothing special :D
time to forget it.

the fair
wasn't so good at all. boring this year, i only spent money to buy some burned almonds.

the new week began quit normal.
i got a 2+ in pädda again which is real nice.
the sun is here, all is golden in the sky the whole day, and i could wear my mostliked green top =)
that is spring how i like it most.
ahh and i went shopping with marianna (got another looovely top and sunglasses) and mum (got a cute new shirt).
as you can see, it is really cool for me at the time.
okay i am not confident. i realized that not more than a school person for my ex-bestmalefriend which is sad.
even more sad is that he doesn't see that. he is like everytime.
he can't see that that hurts me. he has a loot of other friends which isn't the thing, but some month ago we phoned nearly every night for some hours.
that is gone. okay my marks went better now, but i am missing the calls.
i tryed to tell him my feelings, but i can't reach him.
he is away, occupied or just forgets.
however, i can't change that by now.
"anyhow different" and "the somethinare gone and won't come back.
goodnight, then i'll add things later.

one of those nights where you leave me for no reason
9.5.08 21:33

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